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A good reputation is more important than a clean shirt. The shirt can be washed, reputation — never.
Alfred Nobel

First there was theory, Now it's time for Practice!

In 2017, "Practice" communication agency enters the market of communication services and occupies a highly specialized niche of legal marketing. Today we provide ready-made solutions for PR and Digital, business events and special projects with media and opinion leaders, video production and design.

A special area of activity of the agency is Legal PR. From the development of a strategy, a tactical plan to the integration of the plan into the roadmap of lawyers working on the project. Practice comprehensively approaches a case of any complexity.
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    TV outputs
  • 250
    radio broadcasts
  • 1890
    media publications of our customers
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    mentions of clients in social networks

Our competencies

PR support
Classical PR tools are designed for systematic access to the information field of the speaker or the company, further maintenance of this presence. PR tools allow the Client to take place as a newsmaker and an expert on certain topics
  • Formation of the target media base
  • Selection of key topics for the media
  • Formation of a speaker pool
  • Producing a speaker
  • Preparation of a list of expert topics for each speaker
  • Development of a press kit for journalists, considering successful cases
  • Conducting a photo shoot for a portfolio
  • Competitive benchmarking
  • Development of a PR program for the service period
  • Initiation of publications of various genres/broadcasts in the media
  • Commentary program
  • Preparation of press releases/company news
  • Maintaining author's and industry blogs
Digital (SMM and Performance Marketing)
Attract new subscribers. We increase the activity on the page. Setting up advertising. We communicate with the audience. We are making a content plan. We are responsible for the regularity and originality of publications.
  • Creation of official groups in social networks
  • Development of the design of official groups based on corporate identity
  • Compiling a list of topics and a content plan
  • Providing a regular posting of useful and expert content
  • Social media presence recommendations (the company's presence on various social platforms, forums, in specialized social networks, as well as making positive reviews and leveling negative ones)
  • Development of a unified style and concept of accounts
  • Maintaining personal blogs and company blogs and bringing them to the top
  • Popularization of personal brand and company brand, work with loyalty audiences
  • Conducting stories and live broadcasts
  • Highlights design and auto-greeting settings
  • Interaction with influencers
  • Targeted advertising
  • Development of mechanics of special projects with bloggers
Government relations (GR) is a set of methods and algorithms for tactical and strategic building of productive relations between business and government in a civilized and legitimate field
When is GR management needed?
  • Don't you have enough time to follow the changes in the current legislation?
  • Do you want to express your opinion and be heard?
  • Have you been waiting for the decision of certain state bodies for years?
  • Are you tired of running around in circles to solve a question?
  • Does your business directly depend on property owned by government agencies?
  • Are you a city-forming company or just work in real estate?
  • Is the type of your activity under constant control?
  • Does your business depend on international quotas?
  • Do you want to establish a business and/or are a supplier of goods/services for government agencies?
  • Is the state a co-owner of your business?
Business events for the Russian audience
We organize road tours, business brunches and dinners, conferences, seminars, trainings, exhibitions, presentations, press tours starting from the concept of the event to cross-promo and information support.
Video production
We are preparing image videos according to a scenario based on the characteristics of the company, its advantages and distinctive features of the company's management. We catch the significant moments in the prosperity of your business.
Our team helps both a specialist starting his professional career to create his own brand and surprise the audience with a qualitatively new approach to presenting his portfolio of services and products, and the company to consolidate its reputation as an expert in its market and overcome crisis situations with dignity
Anna Shtyrlina

Where to begin?

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Our contacts

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Monday—Friday: 10:00—19:00

To enter the office of the company, you must have a passport with you, which you show to security.
Russia, Moscow, Leninskaya Sloboda str., 26, bldg. C, of. 235
mon—fri: 10:00—19:00
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